Do what you love for a living while helping others.



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You CAN have your dream job! Stop giving your talents away to a 9-5. Start sharing what God has done through your personal road of recovery.

Help Others

Are you at the age when you want to leave a legacy that's rooted in ministry? You can share your passion with purpose by helping other's find freedom.


All the pain you endured to find freedom will not be in vain. Start sharing how God's faithfulness and your healthy habits made you free.


COVID-19 has changed everything, and the resulting demand for people needing 1-on-1 and group mentoring services has never been greater. Michael spells out what this unique opportunity could mean for you and your family as a BraveHearts-trained Certified Professional Mentor™ (CPM).





Due to COVID-19 & the growing demand for viable work from home alternatives, there's never been a better time to become a Certified Professional Mentor™.

Did you know...

For those using TRADITIONAL APPROACHES to addiction recovery alone such as counseling, 12-step groups, rehab clinics, weekend intensives, etc., ...

Only 2-3% achieve long-term sobriety

70-80% drop out in the first 3-6 months


a bold new approach is here!

Mentoring is a proven new solution that's producing amazing results & restoring hope to people struggling with mental health issues like sexual addiction and their betrayed partners worldwide. 

After conducting a non-scientific, 5-year proof-of-concept where I mentored 100 sexually addicted men 1-on-1 and in groups, the results were amazing:

50% achieve long-term sexual sobriety

Only 10% dropped out in the first 3-6 months



One of my goals when starting this proof-of-concept was to see if a one-person mentoring ministry could succeed and be self-supporting over time. That's why I started it as a for-profit ministry and only used non-profit funding when it was offered in the form of a mentoring scholarship or matching grant.

My results here are published for all to see in the table above. Please understand I'm not doing this to boast. I know that each and every person I mentored, and every dollar they invested, was the result of God allowing it. Instead, I'm proud of the fact that I've proven this model works, first as a successful new approach to recovery, and secondly as a reliable source of income!

Whether your financial goal is to start out mentoring part-time (like I did) and just keep it that way to generate some supplemental income, or you want to grow your mentoring ministry into a career changing full-time occupation (again, like I ended up doing), this ministry model is proven and it works!


NOTE: In case you're wondering, the reason you see the decline in # of mentees and income after year 3 is because I started purposefully cutting back on the amount of time I spent mentoring men so I could shift more of my focus to further developing this mentor training program. Creating a ministry model that's replicable has always been a part of my vision for BraveHearts.

DISCLAIMER: Even though these were the results I experienced personally, I just want to remind you that I'm not guaranteeing you'll experience the same results. There are a lot of variables involved, not the least of which is the amount of effort you put into building your mentoring ministry. I'm just sharing this info to show you that it's possible to generate this kind of income and more. 

Meet Your Mentors

Meet Michael & Christine Leahy, Co-CEO's of BraveHearts

Hi, I'm Michael Leahy. I discovered pornography when I was 11 and struggled with it for most of my life. But after hitting rock bottom 20 years ago, I started getting serious about getting well. Since then, I've been free from my addiction and living a redemptive life helping others find their pathway to freedom. 

We invite you to join our growing army by becoming a BraveHearts Certified Professional Mentor™.


For 5 years, I conducted my own "proof of concept" by taking a mentoring-centric approach to recovery. That is, I've been meeting with sexually addicted men 1-on-1 and in small groups, guiding them in their recovery.

I spent over 5,000 hours mentoring 100 men. Over half of them achieved long-term sexual sobriety!

Like a sherpa guide leading a group of climbers up through treacherous mountains they've never climbed before, I instructed these men to just "clip onto my rope" and follow me. I guided them as God guided me, helping them navigate their way through a process I now call sexual integrity discipleship™.

Drawing off of my own 15+ years of sexual addiction recovery experience, not to mention the 30 years I spent in a growing relationship with pornography and sexual sin, my "mentees" - addicted or not - trust my judgment as I lead them and model sexual integrity, wise decision-making, and healthy intimacy in relationships.

what you know can save them

As a Certified Professional Mentor™, your hard-earned wisdom and experiences can mean the difference between a life of freedom and a life of bondage for others.


Maintain healthy habits of sexual integrity

Sexual addiction is considered the most difficult of all the addictions to break free from. If you've been through recovery from sexual addiction and are living in freedom, there's a whole world of struggling people out there looking for help and searching for hope. We'd like to help you give them gift of freedom. But if you're not quite there yet, that's OK. We can help you find that freedom. Join BraveHearts as a mentee and let us help you find the life God meant for you. 

Make A THOUGHTFUL choice to become a mentor

Choosing to mentor others in this area of need can be one of the most rewarding decisions you'll ever make. But don't take it lightly. Make sure you're ready, and that you have the support of your spouse and loved ones. You don't have to splash your redemption story on billboards or share it from the pulpit to promote your ministry or find people to mentor. But be sensitive to the fact that your story probably also involves your spouse, your family, friends and loved ones.  

Get the proper training & develop a ministry plan

Whether you're already in ministry and just looking to expand your skill set to include mentoring, or you'd like to mentor men on a part-time basis while you keep your day job, or you're looking to make a career change and considering becoming a mentor full-time, you need to get the proper training and have a plan. We can train and equip you to help you develop and build your own mentoring ministry and start achieving your goals.

Learn at your own pace

Inside the Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™ online training program, you'll get lifetime access to over 80 hours of Christ-centered, video-based, instructor-led training on professional mentoring best practices.

This self-paced online training program features best practices in the following mentoring-centric topics:

Note: Course content is subject to change.

Mentoring Mastery™


1. Getting Started & Mentoring Basics

2. Understanding Sexual Integrity Discipleship

3. The Art & Science of 1-on-1 Mentoring

4. Curating Content & Using Curriculum

5. Group Mentoring Strategies

6. Measuring Progress & Situational Mentoring

Professional Mentoring™


7. Planning Your Mentoring Ministry

8. Finding & Keeping Mentoring Clients

9. Managing Your Mentoring Practice

10. Developing Strategic Partnerships

11. Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies

12. The Final Countdown - Ready to Launch


Here's a few of our Certified Professional Mentors™ (CPM) in our BraveHearts Recovery Directory.

we develop them...

Our mentors get a lot more than just online training. They get plugged into a vibrant lifelong learning community.

And promote them...

We love including our mentors in our global virtual summits alongside widely recognized subject matter experts.

and promote them again.

We pull out all the stops to give our Certified Professional Mentors™ plenty of opportunities to be discovered.

Pricing Options

We offer 2 ways to get started today. Just want the basics? Then Mentoring Mastery™ is your course. Want the full program? Go for Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™.



Enrollment Closed

1st 6 Course Modules

We teach you how to:

Find your unique market niche

Master 1-on-1 mentoring

Master group mentoring

Create & curate content

Video, phone, & in-person mentoring

Your spouse's training is FREE

Next class starts October 2021

* Does not include optional Mentor Certification ($997).




Enrollment Closed

All 12 Course Modules

This program includes:

Mentoring Mastery™

Professional Mentoring™

6 LIVE, Zoom video MasterMind sessions led by Michael

24/7 access to a private online network of BraveHearts-trained mentors & students

Completion qualifies you for Mentor Certification.

Your spouse's training is FREE

Next class starts October 2021

* Does not include optional Mentor Certification ($997).




Enrollment Closed

2nd 6 Course Modules

We teach you how to:

Earn part-time or full-time income

Build for-profit, non-profit, or both

Run low-cost practice from home

Find & keep mentoring clients

Grow globally via digital marketing

Your spouse's training is FREE

Next class starts October 2021

* Does not include optional Mentor Certification ($997).


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If during the first 30 days from when you sign up you're not satisfied with our LYMM training for any reason and would like your money back, we will refund you the full amount you paid - no questions asked.

Currently, just twice a year.

Going forward, we will probably be opening enrollment just once in the Fall and once in the Spring.

So while you can go through the training at your own pace and enjoy lifetime access to the coursework, there's only two times a year that you can sign up and enroll.

It depends. Each of the 12 Modules includes about 8-10 hours of video-based content and reading material. So if you put in 8-10 hours per week on average, you should be able to complete the entire course in 12 weeks (one Module per week). 

That being said, we've had people who are in no rush to go through the training and may not even get started for several months due to prior commitments. For them, it may take up to a year or longer to finish.

Others have been in more of a rush, especially if they're between jobs or need to start earning income right away. Our first graduates were in that situation, treated the training like a full-time job, and completed it all in just 6 weeks.

But I'd say on average, most people get through the training in 3-4 months.

I would call it more recommended guidelines vs. minimum requirements since everything's based on the honor system.

But for your own safety and well-being as well as that of your future clients, you need to make sure you're healthy and have enough sobriety or healing to not pose a threat to your own recovery or that of your mentees.

As a recommended guideline, we'd like to see a minimum of 2 years of solid recovery for each student BEFORE they attempt to go through our mentor training and certification process.

No, we won't be torturing you with countless quizzes and tests while you learn.

However, there are on occasion worksheets and surveys for you to fill out to help deepen the learning. For those of you going on to get fully certified, these completed worksheets and surveys will actually make up the better part of your overall Mentoring Ministry Plan that you'll be going over with Michael, your mentor, during the Mentor Certification process. So you'll want to complete and keep up with those as you progress through the training.

Otherwise, these exercises are just there for you as a learning aid.

Yes, absolutely! We LOVE seeing both spouses getting trained to help others, even if they don't start the training at the same time (yes, that's ok with us, too). 

When you first sign up for the training, you'll be asked to complete an online Student Profile Form. That's where you'll let us know that your spouse would also like to take the training, when you anticipate they'd like to begin, and what their name and email address is (so we can set them up with their own account).

Even if they're not ready yet from a recovery standpoint, they can come back to us months or even years later when they are ready to start the training. Just as long as one of you paid for your training.

From then on, it's proceed at your own pace. And with each of you having your own separate user account, you'll each be able to mark your progress as you go.

No, it is not. Mentor Certification costs $997 for you, or you and your spouse if you're married and go through the Certification process together.

No, it's totally optional. And it's only available to those students or couples who've completed all 12 Modules of the Launch Your Mentoring Ministry curriculum.

But it is required in order to earn the credentials and be designated by BraveHearts as a Certified Professional Mentor™ or CPM.

Lots of reasons, that is assuming you'd like to get paid mentoring others.

For one, over the course of 3-4 weeks that the Mentoring Certification process usually takes, you or you and your spouse will be meeting with Michael 1-on-1 via Zoom to review and discuss your Mentoring Ministry Plan. This plan is mainly comprised of the various worksheets and surveys you filled out during your online course training time.

Michael will personally review your plan prior to your first meeting to find gaps and weak spots, areas that he thinks need improvement or clarification before you meet again.

He'll go through the same process before your second meeting, this time reviewing your corrected or updated plan, prior to you both discussing them together.

This tailored approach has proven to save LYMM students both time and money in following many of the recommendations Michael has made once he's had a chance to get to know you better individually and really understand your goals and objectives as you get ready to launch your mentoring ministry.

Only after this further vetting of you and your Mentoring Ministry Plan are we willing and able to award you with the designation of Certified Professional Mentor™ or CPM.

It's our way of telling the world that we think you've got what it takes to be a great mentor and worthy of their investment of time and money working with you as their mentee.

In addition, we enjoy promoting our CPM's to the rest of the world, and typically include our newer graduates as speakers alongside well-known subject matter experts in our highly successful virtual summits.

But we think the biggest reason why you should make the additional investment in going through our Mentor Certification process is to help you accelerate on your pathway to growth and profitability in less time than it might otherwise take if you hadn't spent the extra time working with an experienced mentor like Michael.

That is, after all, the essence of the value any mentor brings to the table. In this case, the value proposition is no different.  

Not if you both go through it together at the same time. But if they complete the training at a later date and want to get certified after you've already completed your own Mentor Certification without them, then they will have to pay their own Mentor Certification fee, which is currently $997.

your dream job AWAITS YOU

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