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Get Paid Helping Others as a Certified Professional Mentor™ Webinar Replay

March 5, 2024

Your Recovery & Redemption Story Uniquely Qualifies You to Mentor


If you've overcome major life issues like sexual addiction or betrayal trauma, you know you've got a lifetime of learned experiences and hard-earned knowledge stored up.

But did you know you're sitting on a treasure chest of wisdom - aka intellectual capital - that millions of people need and would gladly pay you to guide them through their own crisis?

This fact combined with a rapidly growing mental health crisis has created a unique window of opportunity for the emergence of a rewarding new vocation -  Professional Mentoring! 

Who's qualified to be a Professional Mentor? Lots of people:

  • Men and women from their 20's to their 70's and beyond
  • Men and women from all walks of life and occupations
  • People in addiction recovery who are sober and growing
  • People committed to healing from betrayal and trauma
  • Recovery or support group members, leaders, and sponsors
  • Pastoral counselors, ministry leaders, and church staff 
  • Counselors, therapists, and mental health coaches

Basically, anyone who is passionate and healthy enough to share their hard-earned wisdom and learned experiences with others can - and should - become a mentor.

From Volunteer Helper to Paid Mentor

You probably knew early on in your recovery from sexual addiction or betrayal trauma that you wanted to give back and help others like you find the freedom and healing they so desperately wanted. So you spent years working on your recovery or healing from the trauma of betrayal. And you've learned a lot over those years.

Let me know if this sounds like you…

  • You spent years immersing yourself in every book, course, online summit, and intensive you could afford learning what you needed to know. 
  • You also wasted time and money getting the wrong kind of help at times from ill-informed pastors, counselors, or ministry leaders.
  • At times, you found yourself educating others on the finer points of recovery and healing after learning you knew more than they did about it.
  • Maybe you tried starting or helping out with a support group at church but grew weary of the lack of support from church leadership.
  • Or maybe you liked helping out as a volunteer but suffering from "compassion fatigue" and wondered if there was another way.

Whether you're just beginning to help others and you've "caught the bug" or you've been at this for a while and you're ready to take it to the next level, you really can do what you love for a living.

But just how do you do that? Do I have to go back to school for 3-5 years and take out thousands in student loans to become a licensed counselor? Or do I spend less time but maybe just as much money learning to become a mental health coach? Isn't there a better way to help people without wasting time, going broke, or burning out?

YES! Now you can take your hard-earned wisdom and knowledge and parlay it into becoming a Certified Professional Mentor.
From Marketing Novice to Business Expert

You may have an advanced degree in counseling, psychology, or marriage and family therapy. Maybe you had your degree before your recovery or decided to go back to school once you'd grappled with and overcome the guilt and shame of addiction.

Maybe you're a counselor contacted by people outside your state, and your state's licensure laws prohibit you from helping those dealing with sexual addiction or betrayal trauma.

Maybe instead of a counseling degree, you opted to become a coach or ministry leader but could really use some help growing your practice.

You discovered the task of finding clients who desperately need what you offer turned out to be a more difficult challenge than you expected.

Does this sounds like you…

  • You want to live a work-from-home lifestyle that fits your schedule, but meeting with clients in person keeps you tied down to an office.
  • You're tired of the licensure requirements that prevent you from helping clients who don't live within particular geographic boundaries.
  • You want to learn how to attract coaching clients who could benefit from your specialized recovery experience.
Now you can learn and apply mentoring ministry best practices to help you grow your practice, all with the support and encouragement of like-minded professionals.
Can you imagine...
  • Being able to help people regardless of where they live? And being able to live wherever you want to as you work from home?
  • Being part of a select group of respected Professional Mentors standing in the gap to help sex addicts and betrayed partners heal? 
  • Being able to get the training you need to launch your mentoring ministry as a Certified Professional Mentor™ in just 90 days or less?
  • As a part-time mentor, earning $5,000/month by mentoring just 10 hours/week and working with 10 clients? (Actual results may vary - see disclaimer below)
  • As a full-time mentor, earning $120,000/year by mentoring just 20 hours/week and working with 20 clients? (Actual results may vary - see disclaimer below)

Due in part to the recent pandemic, more people than ever are suffering from addiction and trauma and looking for help and hope. You can be a part of their solution.

People desperately need the help of a trusted guide to lead them to freedom from addiction and trauma.

From LYMM Graduate to ...

Trent, a former pastor, was an HR Manager for a mid-sized manufacturer when he started his LYMM mentor training with the goal of mentoring full-time by January.

  • 3/27/22 - Started LYMM mentor training course after 6 mo. pause
  • 6/7/22 - Earning $1,000/mo. mentoring 3 clients while in training
  • 6/20/22 - Completed LYMM & Mentor Certification courses
  • 7/18/22 - Earning $1,550/mo. mentoring P-T with five 1:1 clients
  • 10/6/22 - Earning $3,400/mo. mentoring P-T with ten 1:1 clients

... 6-Figure Mentor in just 1 year!

Trent updates us on his progress vs. goal of mentoring full-time w/in 6 months. And we've added some updates since then. He's now a 6-figure mentor!

  • 12/12/22 - $4,000/mo. exceeds P-T goal, gave notice at work 
  • 2/1/23- 1st day working F-T as a Professional Mentor
  • 6/1/23 - Earning $8,500/mo. ($102,000/yr. annual run rate)
  • 10/10/23 - Earning $14,000/mo. ($168,000/yr. annual run rate)
When you become a Professional Mentor...

Slaving away at a job you don't care much for and working for a company or people you don't really care much about.
Loving what you do for a living while working for yourself and being inspiried everyday watching God change lives.

Struggling to keep up with your coworkers and industry as you continue getting older in the 2nd half of life.
Thriving as you're able to leverage your age, wisdom, and learned life experiences to help people heal & find freedom.

Wrestling with uncertainty and regret as you wonder what your contribution to this world could have been.
Celebrating the wonders of living a redemptive life with a sense of gratitude that grows with every passing year.
If you're ready to get paid helping people as a Certified Professional Mentor, we'll show you how it's done...

Launch Your Mentoring Ministry & Mentor Certification was made for you!

We’ll teach you how to launch your mentoring ministry and start getting paid in less than 90 days as a Certified Professional Mentor™.
Launch Your Mentoring Ministry

Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™ consists of two 6-module online courses that teach you how to become a Certified Professional Mentor™ capable of helping guide someone through a major life issue like sexual addiction or betrayal trauma.

LYMM is different than most coaching programs in that we not only teach you 1:1 and group mentoring processes and methodologies. But we also spend an equal amount of time actually showing you how to launch and build a profitable and growing mentoring practice.

By the end of our training program, you’ll be able to...

  • Practice & develop your 1:1 and group mentoring skills and methodologies, and continue your professional development with BraveHearts 
  • Launch your mentoring ministry by following your tailored Mentoring Ministry Plan based on best practices and our proven ministry model.
  • Enjoy ongoing support & encouragement from a connected community of BraveHearts mentor training students and graduates
  • Following Certification, participate in a variety of BraveHearts co-marketing and lead-generation programs

We'll be with you every step of the was as you launch and grow your mentoring ministry.

Here's What Our Students Have to Say

Meet Stephanie

A stay-at-home mom and former high school guidance counselor shares what inspired her to become a Professional Mentor.


Meet Rocky

Rocky shares how he and his wife have enjoyed mentoring together since 2018 and are still operating with a full client load.


Meet Jen

Jen shares her thoughts about the training and how she hopes to one day leave her career as a teacher to mentor full-time.


Meet Greg

Greg shares how he felt called into this area of ministry and how BraveHearts equipped him well for the journey ahead.


Meet Arthur

Arthur shares how he went from mentoring part-time to leaving his old job to mentor full-time…and loves it.

Here's how our two LYMM courses break down...

Mentoring Mastery™

Mentoring Mastery™ is where you’ll learn how to use our proven mentoring model and methodology to help others overcome life issues like addiction and trauma.

6 Modules  -  87 Video-based Lessons  -  44 Hours of Content & Exercises - 12 month 24/7 access


Mentoring Essentials

Lessons include:

The Making of a Great Mentor

  • Making Sense of Your Life
  • Life Map Exercise
  • Who's Qualified to Mentor?

 What's Your Story?

  • The Power of Personal Story
  • The Radical Act of Storytelling
  • Redemption Story Exercise

 Your Niche & Core Values

  • One, Not Everyone
  • Niche Market Exercise
  • The Importance of Core Values

Roadmap to Redemption

Lessons include:

An Epic Journey

  • Prologue to a Redemption Story
  • The 6 Stages of Recovery
  • 4 Stages from Recovery to Redemption

 Traveling Companions

  • Recovery & Discipleship
  • Discipline & Structure
  • Your Protege's Persona

 The Road Before Us

  • The Hero's Journey Revisited
  • The Hero's Journey Act 1
  • The Hero's Journey Act 2

Curation & Curriculum

Lessons include:

The Mentor as Content Creator

  • Knowledge is Power; Content is King
  • Mentors as Content Creators
  • Rise of Virtual Learning

Curating Your Curriculum

  • Structured Learning
  • New vs. Using Existing Content
  • Curating Recommended Resources

The Power of Daily Disciplines

  • Transform through Daily Disciplines
  • Disciplines for Sexual Integrity
  • Disciplines for Betrayal Trauma Healing

1-on-1 Mentoring

Lessons include:

Art & Science of 1-on-1 Mentoring

  • 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • Becoming a Professional Mentor
  • Optimizing Your WorkSpace

Starting Your Mentoring Engagement

  • The Art of Introductions
  • Onboarding New Mentees
  • Starting Accountability

 Mentoring Dynamics & Lifecycles

  • Anatomy of a Mentoring Session
  • Mentoring Strategies & Tactics
  • Mentoring Lifecycles & Outcomes

Group Mentoring

Lessons include:

Group Mentoring Best Practices

  • The Importance of a Group
  • Group Mentoring Basics
  • Process & Methodology

 Group Mentoring via Zoom

  • Using Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing Best Practices
  • The Equipment

 Fostering Connection & Community

  • The Power of Community
  • Connecting in Digital Communities
  • Building Community Offline

Growth & Self-Care

Lessons include:

Setting & Managing Expectations

  • Progress Not Perfection
  • The Valued of Learned Experiences
  • Crossing the Chasm

 Tracking Progress & Fostering Growth

  • The First 6 Months
  • The Second 6 Months
  • After the First Year

 Mentor & Mentee Self-Care

  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Self-Care Strategies
  • Post-Traumatic Growth

Professional Mentoring™

Professional Mentoring™ is where you’ll learn how to create, launch and manage a successful, income-producing, and growing mentoring ministry.


6 Modules  -  70 Video-based Lessons  -  44 Hours of Content & Exercises  - 12 month 24/7 access


Planning & Organizing

Lessons include:

Structuring Your Ministry

  • Choosing Your Ministry Model
  • Setting Goals & Strategic Planning
  • Building Your Mentoring Ministry Plan

Running the Numbers

  • Ministry & Money
  • Keeping Score
  • Your Pro Forma Spreadsheet

 Executing Your Plan

  • Your Resources Balance Sheet
  • Being a Resourceful Entrepreneur
  • From Planning to Taking Action

Client Acquisitions

Lessons include:

Finding Your Prospects

  • Know Who & Where Your Prospects Are
  • Understand You Are the Solution
  • Cultivate Referral Sources

 Building Your Sales Funnel

  • Start with Lead Generation
  • Prospect Recruiting Strategies
  • Qualify & Close Your Prospects

Client Retention Strategies

  • Making Clients Stick
  • Providing Value is Key
  • Expanding the Scope of Work

Practice Management

Lessons include:

Managing Your Practice

  • Managing a Growing Practice
  • Managing Your Clients
  • Managing Your Finances

 Business Process Automation

  • Your Key Business Processes
  • Automating Key Business Processes
  • Integrating Your Automations

 Practice Management Systems

  • Primer of Practice Management
  • Choose a Management System
  • Practical Use Tips & Best Practices

Strategic Partnerships

Lessons include:

Finding Strategic Partners

  • What is a Strategic Partner?
  • Pros & Cons of Partnerships
  • Identifying Ideal Partners

 Partnering with Churches

  • Reviving the Local Church
  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Selecting Your Church Prospects

 Other Partners Worth Pursuing

  • Ministries & Other Organizations
  • Teaming Up with Counselors
  • Cultivating Financial Partners.

Digital Marketing

Lessons include:

Effective Digital Marketing

  • Defining Your Brand Strategy
  • Designing Using Canva
  • Creating Your Content Calendar

Effective Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • Getting Started Using Email Automation
  • Example Email Welcome Sequence

 Creating a Compelling Website

  • Build Your Website Using a Template
  • Build Your Website Part 2

Ready to Launch

Lessons include:

Finalizing Your Flight Plan

  • Gathering the Data
  • Making Final Adjustments
  • Getting Certified

The Final Countdown

  • Your Readiness Checklist
  • Ready to Launch
  • Liftoff!

 Launch & Beyond

  • Your First Year
  • Building Your Value Ladder
  • Destinations Unknown

Mentor Certification

To top off your mentor training, we recommend all graduates who want to increase their odds for success complete our optional Mentor Certification intensives.

Doing so automatically qualifies you for a whole series of bonuses and co-marketing opportunities where BraveHearts will pro-actively promote your mentoring ministry.

In our Mentor Certification intensives, you will...

  • Complete and submit to Michael your Mentoring Ministry Plan and Launch Checklist for his review and critique.
  • Meet 1:1 with Michael in the first of two 60-minute Zoom sessions to review and discuss your updated Mentoring Ministry Plan. 
  • Update and revise your Plan and Checklist wherever necessary and re-submit to Michael for his final review.
  • Meet 1:1 with Michael for your second and final session to finalize your Plan and Launch Checklist...and to officially become Certified! 

"Why I Wanted to Be a Mentor"


Here's what some of our students had to say when we asked them why they wanted to become a mentor. Any of these sound familiar?


RN, Medical Practice Manager

"I can't think of a better way to finish out my life than being a part of watching God break the chains of obsession and addiction around a man's life to see him blossom into the man of God that he was always intended to be."



"I wanted to be on the solution side of sexual brokenness in the world after contributing to the problem side for so long. Also, I don't want my story and experience to go to waste. The need is so great, and we need more people willing to help!" 



"I wanted to walk alongside women whose spouses in ministry leadership have betrayed them."


Retired Teacher

"My heart broke for men trapped in addiction. I could not say no to being the coach, guide, and encourager." 



"I wanted to walk alongside other betrayed partners through their journey to their heroic and complete healing."


Construction Worker

"I wanted to help other believers struggling with a sexual addiction like I used to. Also, to do this as a career and ministry full-time." 


Sales Professional

"I wanted to help other men walk in the freedom God has led me into. I think of the example of Peter when he said he would never deny Christ. But Jesus told him, "once you have fallen, get up and help your brothers." 



"I know how destructive porn and sex addiction has been in my life. I want to help others get free and maintain their freedom, not just from this area of their lives but true freedom in Christ!" 



"I want to be the help that I was seeking while in the midst of the betrayal trauma. Plus I want to fulfill the call God's placed on my life.? 


Finance Manager

"I was compelled to share the healing I had received with others who were struggling with sexual integrity issues." 

Enroll in Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™
Choose the best plan for you...
  • Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™ (LYMM) 
  • Mentoring Mastery - 12 month access (Valued at $997)
  • Professional Mentoring - 12 month access (Valued at $997)
  • Free LYMM course for Spouse (Valued at $1,997)
  • BraveHearts Mentors Network  (Valued at $360/yr.)
  • Mentors Lab Group Zoom Sessions (Valued at $1,485/yr.)
  •  --------------------
  •  --------------------
  •  --------------------
  •  --------------------
  • ---------------------
  • VALUE for INDIVIDUAL = $3,839
  • VALUE for COUPLE = $7,678 
  • LYMM + Certification
  • Mentoring Mastery - 12 month access (Valued at $997)
  • Professional Mentoring - 12 month access (Valued at $997)
  • Free LYMM course for Spouse (Valued at $1,997)
  • BraveHearts Mentors Network  (Valued at $360/yr.)
  • Mentors Lab Group Zoom Sessions (Valued at $1,485/yr.)
  • PLUS Mentor Certification (Value at $997)
  • Summits/Webinars (Valued at $2,500)
  • Directory Listing (Valued at $2,000/yr.)
  • BH.org Profile (Valued at $1,800/yr.)
  • Website Template (Valued at $495)
  • VALUE for INDIVIDUAL = $11,631
  • VALUE for COUPLE = $22,767



Looking for a Payment Plan?

We offer payment plans for both LYMM and LYMM Plus.



8 Monthly Payments = $2,376




12 Monthly Payments = $3,564

Enroll in LYMM Plus and you'll also get all these bonuses...

BraveHearts Mentors Network

Want to connect with and learn from others like you? Whether you’re a new trainee or an LYMM graduate who’s ready to take your mentoring ministry to the next level, the BraveHearts Mentors Network has something to offer everyone. It’s free for all LYMM students and graduates.

(Valued at $360/yr.)


Mentors Lab Group

You’re invited to join Michael & Christine and many of your peers as they host our Mentors Lab Group. These Zoom video sessions are an opportunity for you to connect with your peers in the Mentor's Network while learning more about how to launch and grow a successful mentoring ministry.

(Valued at $1,485/yr.)


Website Template

We realize that using digital marketing technology can have a steep learning curve and be challenging for many of you. That’s why we’re giving you an easy-to-launch and update website template to help you get off to a quick start. Choose from three attractive, proven designs.

(Valued at $495)


Promoted on BraveHearts.org

As a Certified Mentor, you’ll appear in our ‘Find a Mentor’ gallery on BraveHearts’ main website. Site visitors who click on your picture there will open your Profile page. This has a link to your Recovery Directory listing should they want to learn more or contact you directly.

(Valued at $1,800/yr.)


Promoted on BraveHearts Recovery Directory

You'll also be eligible to receive a free listing in our BraveHearts Recovery Directory alongside other addiction recovery, betrayal trauma, and partner support specialists. This lead-generating directory allows you to post all kinds of information. Site visitors can also message you directly. 

(Valued at $2,000/yr.)


Promoted in Summits, Webinars & Podcasts

Students who complete our training and certification are often invited to appear in our webinars, podcasts, and virtual summits. Featuring some of the most recognized names in faith-based recovery, these virtual events often attract thousands of attendees and can be lead-generating bonanzas.

(Valued at $2,500/yr.)


FREE training, certification & bonuses for your spouse

If you’re married and your spouse would like to go through the training either now or later, you’re in luck. For the 7th consecutive year, spouses can go through the training and certification for FREE. You’ll each have your login credentials, so you can go at your own pace.

(Valued at $7,297/yr.)

Are you ready to become a Certified Professional Mentor™


If you've overcome a major life issue, you're uniquely qualified to use your learned experiences and hard-earned wisdom to help others facing similar challenges. 

Because you've been there, your wisdom is valued by those serious enough about their recovery to invest in it. During our 5-Year Pilot, this is how much income Michael generated in his first 3 years as a part-time mentor guiding men to freedom from sexual addiction.

1 Year - 2-10 Hrs/Wk = $24,075/yr.

2 Year - 1-14 Hrs/Wk = $71,769

3 Year - 14-22 Hrs/Wk = $133,334

*This is for educational purposes only and signifies what is possible based on Michael's personal experience. This in no way guarantees your results will be the same.


We're Michael & Christine Leahy.

Did you know that for those taking a traditional approach to sexual addiction recovery – like therapy, 12-Step groups, or accountability partners – only 2-3% achieve long-term sobriety, and 70-80% drop out within the first 3-6 months! That’s horrible!

So in 2011, I began a 5-Year Proof of Concept involving 100 sexually addicted men to test the effectiveness of my new mentoring-centric approach to recovery. I also wanted to see if these skills were transferrable and if you could make a living as a mentor.

The results were amazing! Over 50% achieved long-term sobriety, our dropout rate was less than 15%, and I learned clients were happy to pay me well for those kinds of results. So in 2016, Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™ debuted as our signature mentor training course.

Today, 7 years and hundreds of students later, the demand for both men and women to serve as professional mentors keeps growing thanks in part to the global mental health crisis. Our secret formula starts with YOU – your first-hand experience and desire to help others.

So if you feel called to use your learned experiences and hard-earned wisdom to help others in need, and you don’t mind earning some income in the process, you’ve come to the right place. We need all the hero-makers we can get, and hope you’ll join us!

In it with you,

Michael & Christine

Are you a perfect fit?

  • You overcame a major life issue and want to help others do the same.
  • You've been volunteering to lead a recovery group but you want to make helping others a full-time or part-time paid career.
  • You want to take what you learned from recovery and help others find freedom.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading because you’re exactly where you need to be.
We can't wait to welcome you into LYMM!
Enroll in Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™
Choose the best plan for you...LYMM or LYMM PLUS
  • Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™ (LYMM)
  • Mentoring Mastery - 12 month access (Valued at $997)
  • Professional Mentoring - 12 month access (Valued at $997)
  • Free LYMM course for Spouse (Valued at $1,997)
  • BraveHearts Mentors Network  (Valued at $360/yr.)
  • Mentors Lab Group Zoom Sessions (Valued at $1,485/yr.)
  •  --------------------
  •  --------------------
  •  --------------------
  •  --------------------
  • ---------------------
  • VALUE for INDIVIDUAL = $3,839
  • VALUE for COUPLE = $7,678 
  • LYMM + Certification
  • Mentoring Mastery - 12 month access (Valued at $997)
  • Professional Mentoring - 12 month access (Valued at $997)
  • Free LYMM course for Spouse (Valued at $1,997)
  • BraveHearts Mentors Network  (Valued at $360/yr.)
  • Mentors Lab Group Zoom Sessions (Valued at $1,485/yr.)
  • PLUS Mentor Certification (Value at $997)
  • Summits/Webinars (Valued at $2,500)
  • Directory Listing (Valued at $2,000/yr.)
  • BH.org Profile (Valued at $1,800/yr.)
  • Website Template (Valued at $495)
  • VALUE for INDIVIDUAL = $11,631
  • VALUE for COUPLE = $22,767



Looking for a Payment Plan?

We offer payment plans for both LYMM and LYMM Plus.



8 Monthly Payments = $2,376




12 Monthly Payments = $3,564

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